Problems with talk utility from inetutils

Charles S. Wilson
Fri Jan 19 09:01:00 GMT 2001

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> > >Just a question: since ncurses is a "contrib" item, should inetutils use
> > >it or should inetutils just compile against termcap?
> >
> > It should compile with termcap.  That may be tricky if terminfo is
> > installed, though.
> It doesn't compile with termcap. It depends on curses. If curses
> (or ncurses) isn't available on a system, talk and talkd are not
> build. IMHO, the ncurses package should be moved from contrib to
> latest anyway.

Ah.  Well, this makes inetutils the first official, non-contrib package
to depend on ncurses.  This sounds like a good policy to me: when a
'latest' package is built to depend on a 'contrib' package, move the
'contrib' package into 'latest'.

However, I remember massive confusion when zlib was moved from 'latest'
to 'contrib'.  Do you suppose that will recur in this instance, or was
that just an artifact of setup.exe's evolution? (e.g. setup was just
learning how to deal with multiple subdir paths...)


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