Mount mode problem? [Fwd: Emacs and ispell]

Earnie Boyd
Fri Jan 19 08:04:00 GMT 2001

"David A. Cobb" wrote:
> This looks like the originator ran into a problem with the "default"
> mount mode.  There isn't much clue as to which change levels within
> 1.1.x
> are involved.  Is this a known Cygwin problem/feature or is it within
> ispell?

It's not a problem, just an OS feature.  The \r\n line endings were
created when the mount entries were in text mode.  Then when upgrading
the user chose UNIX mode (binary mode) mounts.  ispell now gets the \r
as part of the data in the record.

To correct this, you can:

1) mount -t c:/path/to/ispell.exe /bin/ispell
2) rebuild ispell and add the /lib/textmode.o object to the link process
3) modify ispell to open it's files in text mode or modify the fd's with
4) convert the line endings in the offending data files.


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