running C programs in Cygwin

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Fri Jan 19 07:12:00 GMT 2001

At 07:27 PM 1/18/2001, Zakir Kanbur wrote:

>Dear Sir,
>I have recently installed cygwin in my pc-computer and
>now I am using it. I have a
>program packet that contains C source programes so I
>need run it properly in 
>cygwin. Preveously I used the packet in Sun
>I compiled the program using gcc compiler and I did
>not have any problem ignoring 
>some warnings and I use bash (I was usin csh in Sun).
>The problem I countered is 
>related the results. I can not have proper results as
>I had before in Sun. When I 
>display the result in a viewer, I realized the result
>involve some extrime values that I 
>have never had. Cygwin is a different platform then I
>used before (same thing is 
>happening in Linux too). I think I am missing
>something. I do everthing same in both 
>platform. Is there anything I should concider or what
>should I do? Please send me 
>your comment about this problem.
>Thanks for your consideration.

Looks like you'll need to debug the problem...

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