rshd not returning Win2K error messages

Hayden Ridenour
Thu Jan 18 22:35:00 GMT 2001

I recently upgraded one of my Cygwin installations (on Win2K) to 1.1.7 with 
the latest inetutils.  I configured the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files 
for my accounts, installed an inetd.conf file, and installed inetd as a 

I was very happy to find that rshd was now working without the 10-minute 
delay (thanks, Steve & Corinna!) but have since run into a problem.  If I 
use rsh to try to run a program that isn't there, the OS generates a 
message to tell me "The system cannot find the file specified."  Quite 
unfortunately, rshd/rsh did not return the message out stderr or stdout to 
my calling script.

I am hoping I merely missed something in my configuration or that someone 
here has been through this same issue (and I haven't found it searching the 
archives) and has some advice.

Cygwin 1.1.7
CYGWIN=binmode tty ntsec notitle
rsh from Solaris 7 to Win2K:
	# rsh win2kdemo <non-existent-program-name>

Any help would be appreciated.

	Hayden Ridenour
	Interwoven, Inc.

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