running C programs in Cygwin

J. J. Farrell
Thu Jan 18 19:36:00 GMT 2001

> From: Zakir Kanbur <>
> I have recently installed cygwin in my pc-computer and
> now I am using it. I have a
> program packet that contains C source programes so I
> need run it properly in 
> cygwin. Preveously I used the packet in Sun
> workstation.
> I compiled the program using gcc compiler and I did
> not have any problem ignoring 
> some warnings and I use bash (I was usin csh in Sun).
> The problem I countered is 
> related the results. I can not have proper results as
> I had before in Sun. When I 
> display the result in a viewer, I realized the result
> involve some extrime values that I 
> have never had. Cygwin is a different platform then I
> used before (same thing is 
> happening in Linux too). I think I am missing
> something. I do everthing same in both 
> platform. Is there anything I should concider or what
> should I do? Please send me 
> your comment about this problem.

It is most likely caused by a bug in your program, which happens
to be harmless on the Sun. Such bugs are often caused by unintended
dependencies in your program on some implementation-defined feature
of the compiler or libraries. It is difficult to say more without
more information, but one major difference between SPARC and IA32
processors is byte-ordering - SPARC is big-endian and IA32 is
little-endian. That might be one area to look at.

This isn't really an appropriate mailing list for this sort of
problem, especially if the same problem is seen in other environments
such as Linux. You might be best to take this to a C mailing list
or news group such as news:comp.lang.c

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