More problems with Make.

John Melody
Thu Jan 18 08:38:00 GMT 2001

I still have some problems with make - I thought I had resolved the problems
with the --unix qualifier but not so ....

I am using
cygwin 1.16
make 3.79
from the cygwin directory.

I have included a part of my make file as follows:

CM_VER= CheckMate API V0.7.0


Flags=-deprecation -d $(CLASSES) -classpath $(CPath)

	javac $(Flags) d:\work\squash02\squ\

	cd $(CLASSES) ; \
	jar -cvf $(DISTRIBUTION_DIR)\lib\classes.jar squ/


My problem is as follows -

If I want to make the 'jar' target everything works fine if I specify my
directories in the unix format so
for example CLASSES = d:/classes and I use the forward slash throughout and
when I call make I do so
as follows

	make -f d:\work\squash02\Makefile jar

However if I try to make th 'all' target - javac tells me it cannot find the
files specified using the -classpath qualifier.
If however, I specify the files in an Windows format e.g. CLASSES =
d:\classes and I use the following make command everything
works correctly.

	make --win32 -f d:\work\squash02\Makefile all

In the real case I want to be able to build the jar and compile all the
files from the one Make command. Is this possible to do ?
I want to be able to specify the directories once. Perhaps the problem is
that I am running the Windows version of javac and it
does not like the directories specified in any way other than the way you
would normally specify them on windows.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

John Melody
SyberNet Ltd.
Galway Business Park,
Tel. No. +353 91 514400
Fax. NO. +353 91 514409
Mobile - 087-2345847

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