Cygwin commands crashes after ssh login
Wed Jan 17 13:12:00 GMT 2001


I'm a newbie to cygwin, but I have this exact problem with sshd, and a little more info on it.

I'm running Win2K SP1 and using inetd to launch sshd.
I rebuilt bash.exe from the sources and the problem disappeared!
However, I also tried replacing the shell of the logon user with /bin/sh and the problem still occurs.  I haven't rebuilt sh.exe.

Could there be something wrong with the bash.exe in the binary distribution..?  

By the way, it seems that a few lines failed in the for bash:

dnl Use GNU m4 macros to get the distribution and patchlevel information
dnl into configure without requiring the files to be distributed
esyscmd(cat _distribution)dnl
esyscmd(cat _patchlevel)dnl

I had to to hack those two lines to get bash to build, is that normal?

Frank Palazzolo

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