Getting Perl to run win32 commands

Louis Bohm
Wed Jan 17 06:31:00 GMT 2001

Hi List,

I am trying to get perl to run win32 commands and 
it is not working well.  I downloaded and 
successfully installed the cpan win32api module. 
Then I tried the libwin module (for the NetAdmin 
stuff).  This failed when I did a make "Separator 
Missing".  I looked in the make file at the line 
specified and only found tabs so I do not know 
what is wrong.

Before I go any further will it be possible to get 
this running on cygwin?  Will I be able to do 
things like NetAdmin::GetUsers and other NT user 
base things?

I am running cygwin on NT Server 4.0 sp 6.

Also is cygwin like another operating system? 
Meaning could I download a binary compiled for 
redhat linux in to cygwin and get it to work??

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