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Dan Haynes
Tue Jan 16 15:22:00 GMT 2001

The version of cvs I'm running (1.10.7) doesn't work as a service as far as
I know - and I don't know anyting at all about later ones (1.11+) which I
understand use a significantly different code base. However if you want to
run cvs as an NT service check out

It's a non-cygwin port so you'd have to be sure the directory names coincide
with the cygwin mount points. Other than that it seems to work fine for me.



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> Is there anything special I need to do to run the version of cvs that is
> part of cygwin as a server on NT.  I've tried 'cvs server' which
> starts but
> does not appear to open the default port.  Can it be run as a service?
> Thanx,
> Allan Clearwaters
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