Cygwin commands crashes after ssh login

Egor Duda
Tue Jan 16 09:11:00 GMT 2001


Tuesday, 16 January, 2001 Corinna Vinschen wrote:

CV> Personally I'm using tcsh and bash as login shell. I'm using W2K SP1
CV> with Cygwin 1.1.7, sshd is started via SRVANY under my own account
CV> which has the appropriate user rights and I don't have any problems
CV> using ssh and sshd on the box.

btw, did you notice that if you try to login to _different_ account in
this configuration, sending SIGINT by pressing Ctrl-C from client side
doesn't work?

i've traced this situation down some time ago, and the reason appeared
to  be  with  access  rights  to  "sigcatch"  semaphore.  is there any
workaround (except starting sshd under LocalSystem)?

CV> For testing purposes I'm sometimes switching to starting sshd from
CV>  inetd  using LocalSystem account and  password authentication. No
CV> problem at all. 

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