Cygwin questions

Yehuda Gan-El
Tue Jan 16 05:17:00 GMT 2001

1)We are trying to bulid ACE/TAO on VxWorks. For doing that we have to use
Cygwin, since our host runs on windows2000. For the building process we
defined new user enviorment variables (like other paths in the path var, CPU
variable etc.) We checked to see if other programs (regular C++ files) are
femilier with the new vars, and they were. but the Cygwin did not recognize
them.Why doe'nt the Cygwin know about the existance of these vars?
2) We did not succees to compile a simple C++ program using the gcc order.
Do we have to do somthing special in order to be able to compile in this

3)Does Cygwin is femiliar with unmount ? I did not succeed to operate it!

Eyal Keren
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