Cygwin commands crashes after ssh login
Tue Jan 16 00:08:00 GMT 2001

I have Windows NT4-SP6+different security patches box with latest 
cygwin/openssh versions.

When logging in with ssh (Yes, I have tried different clients) first of 
all id.exe crashes. After confirming Dr. Watson message on console I 
get logged in. If I try cygwin commands (id, hostname, ls, ps...) I get 
Dr. Watson crash. However I can still run echo and pwd commands.

I have tried re-installing several times. Both on NT Server and 

Is this a known problem? I have seen someone writing about id.exe crash 
problem before.

If I change to older version cygwin- everythings works nicely.

I can provice Dr. Watson logs if needed.


Christer Jansson
Telia Mobile AB

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