two differents version of unctrl.h, one in cygwin-1.1.7 and one in ncurses-5.2

Charles Wilson
Mon Jan 15 20:28:00 GMT 2001

"Dr. Volker Zell" wrote:
> Hi
>   See subject.

Thanks for the heads up.  I was unaware of this conflict.  Both newlib
(and thus cygwin1.dll) and ncurses provide an unctrl implementation. 
The ncurses one is intended (by the ncurses developers, I suppose) to
replace a system one -- WHEN linking with ncurses.  I assume this
because the ncurses unctrl.h explicitly #undef's unctrl() before
re-#defining it to the ncurses function.

I'll release a new ncurses where the ncurses version of unctrl.h is
renamed 'nunctrl.h' and change all internal ncurses references to point
to the new file.  But I can't guarantee any time frame on that.


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