Perl bug with DOS file line endings?

Ian Puleston
Thu Jan 11 16:12:00 GMT 2001

I've discovered that problem this doesn't happen if I specify the default
file format to be Unix when I install perl. However, specifying that on a
system that's using only DOS format files would seem somewhat

I suspect that this is actually a bug and doing the above simply avoids it.


> I wrote:
> Perl 5.6.1-1 seems to get confused as to whether its processing a DOS or
> Unix format file, depending on what shell it is run under. I'm using it in
> Windows 2000 to process a DOS format source file with line endings 0D0A
> (\r\n):
> When it is run directly from a DOS command prompt it works as expected and
> produces an output file with line endings 0D0A.
> When it is run from either bash or make initiated from a DOS
> command prompt,
> then it produces an output file with line endings 0D0D0A
> (\r\r\n). It seems
> that in this case it thinks that it is processing a Unix file,
> and has added
> a 0D to change from the Unix 0A line ending to the DOS 0D0A.
> I'm using CygWin make 3.79-3 and bash 2.04-5.

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