why am I administrator?

Soren Andersen soren@wonderstorm.com
Wed Jan 10 15:20:00 GMT 2001

On 10 Jan 2001, an entity purporting to be Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
[Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) <lhall@rfk.com>] wrote [regarding Re: why am I administrator?]

> This seems to come up allot.  Maybe we need an FAQ for this?

Yes! That we do. I have long been puzzled and am still confused about 
this. How do I do what Earnie wrote in the previous msg:

[Earnie Boyd:]
> USER is set in the /etc/profile function by issuing the `id -un`
> command.  The id command gets it's name from the associated uid in the
> /etc/passwd file.
> I can also guess that you are in the local administrator group and
> logged on as a domain user.  Upon setup a /etc/passwd file is created
> from the local sid.  You need to add your domain sid for your user
> account.

I want to know if I can be another user without actually logging in to NT 
as somebody else (I don't have anyone else using my machine and I 
don't want the expenditure of disk space and perhaps loading / boot 
additional time that I think this increased complexity might cause). I 
would like to be a different user so that I can build certain packages in a 
certain way -- logging to bash with a different env set up and ready to go.

I tried the same thing: I set "USER=soren" in my NT env but bash always 
recognizes me only as "Administrator".


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