why am I administrator?

Dan Lipofsky dlipofsky@kurion.com
Wed Jan 10 13:34:00 GMT 2001

> > > USER=administrator but USERNAME=dlipofsky.
> > > USERNAME is set by the OS.  Here is a dump of some enviroment
> > > variables, from bash and from the DOS prompt respectively.

> >USER is set in the /etc/profile function by issuing the `id -un`
> >command.  The id command gets it's name from the associated uid in the
> >/etc/passwd file.
> >
> >I can also guess that you are in the local administrator group and
> >logged on as a domain user.  Upon setup a /etc/passwd file is created
> >from the local sid.  You need to add your domain sid for your user
> >account.

> This seems to come up allot.  Maybe we need an FAQ for this?

A FAQ would be great.  Obviously there are major
passwd differences between cygwin and unix.

I set up a line in /etc/passwd for dlipofsky with
a made-up UID and GID.  This seems to work.

So what happened before I had this?  It sounds like it couldn't
find dlipofsky so it just when with the default.  Is that it?

Also what are the strings that look like

- Dan

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