Problem with Russian Windows2000 Prof.

Andrej Borsenkow
Tue Jan 9 07:29:00 GMT 2001

When mkpasswd enumerates users, it gets user names in Unicode (it should be
UCS-2, I forgot endianness used by Microsoft), at least for non-ASCII names.
Here is example of running mkpasswd on Win2k English with Russian locale set
and one account with Russian user name:

mw1g017@MW1G17C ~
$ mkpasswd.exe  -l
LookupAccountName(NULL,=>2K9 N75@) failed with error 1332

It does not work for user comments as well, but at least mkpasswd does not
bail out. You just get some trash in GECOS field.

Unfortunately, proper fix is not easy. The "fix proper" :-) would include
rewriting Cygwin to deal with Unicode (probbaly by using UTF-8 internally).
Less demanding task is rewriting mkpasswd and mkgroup to recognize Unicode and
convert to ANSI? code page (assuming that passwd functions are 8-bit clean).
But note, that it never was safe to put 8-bit values in /etc/passwd on any
Unix. Imagine, that you rsh another host - it may not like your Russian name
at all :)

In your particular case all that you need is actually SID for user you are
working under. There are utilities that can show this; sorry, do not have
links handy. Then you can put SID in /etc/profile manually. Or just create
user with ASCII name and admin rights and work as this user. Much easier.


P.S. It was amusing at the times of NT4.0. There was no Russian NT server, so
such names as "Domain Admins" were of course always in original English. But
when you configured Russian Win95 to use domain security, it gave rights to
administer this system to Domain Admins spelled in RUSSIAN! It took me long
time to find out why I always get access denied ... so much about localisation

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> I am using russian version of Windows 2000 Prof. My problem
> with using cygwin with it is that Administrator name is in
> Russian and cygwin think that I am not exists. I cannot use
> openssh that I require for example. Is it posssible to
> correct this problem?
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