Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Mon Jan 8 23:17:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Abbey wrote:
> Today, Veit, Michael wrote:
> > I am trying to compile a makefile using the latest version of Cygwin. The
> > file that is getting compiled is a JNI implementation file. When I compile I
> > get "deferencing pointer to incomplete type" errors all over. Don't know if
> > this a common C error, or a cygwin problem. I'm a newbie at this. forgive my
> > ignorance.
> I've tried to do this with several java sdks, as yet I've had no success.
> What we really
> need is a JVM vendor to adopt cygwin as a platform and "port" their
> JVM and sdk to it. I happen to be in a position to ask one vendor to
> consider this... what would people think of that? would it be welcomed
> by "the cygwin community"? (realize that this would be a closed source
> binary only - there is no way around that. :(  )

Well, that means that the JVM can't use cygwin -- unless they pay Red
Hat for the special 'Non-GPL' license.  OTOH, if they targetted mingw
(or cygwin as a development, not a runtine, platform), and their JVM/sdk
binaries were native (non-cygwin) programs, then that might work
legally.  Not sure how attractive that kind of 'license dance' is to a
closed source company, tho.

> or would it be greated
> by the usual derision, ridicule, scorn, and ceremonial rock throwing?

Cool Software...Good.  Closed Source...Bad.  Good.  Bad.  good  bad

I think my brain just exploded.


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