cygwin 1.1.7

tom st denis
Mon Jan 8 10:59:00 GMT 2001

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 11:56:09AM -0500, Larry Hall (RFK Partners,
> Inc) wrote:
> >At 11:54 AM 1/8/2001, Craveiro, Marco wrote:
> >>Well, I've just upgraded from B20 to the latest cygwin with the
> >>graphical installer and I *have* to say this: cygwin rocks! Its
> fast,
> >>its stable, and its more and more like having a full featured UNIX
> in
> >>windows.  A big thanks to everyone involved in this project.
> >
> >Nice to hear a good word now and again!;-) I'm sure the contributors
> to
> >Cygwin appreciate your comments.
> Well, I definitely do!
> I always approach email with a subject like "cygwin 1.1.7" with some
> trepidation since it is usually a complaint from someone who has
> selectively installed random pieces of the complete cygwin
> installation
> and is perplexed as to why they are getting "command not found"
> errors.
> So, I very much appreciated the unadulterated appreciation.  :-)

I come from a DJGPP background (well in the GCC world) so I appreciate
the hard work too.  The compiler is stable, produces good code and the
package is a complete win32 suite :-)

One complaint:  Making dlls should be simplified like in LCC-Win32 ...

lcc -dll -entry MyDllMain myobj1.obj myobj2.obj -o mydll.dll

A util like that (i.e gccdll or something :-)) would be handy.

For my upcoming Peekboo V3.00 program (open source freeware crypto
program) I will use CygWin because it is a better compiler then MSVC (I
may use MSVC to make the resources though....)

Good work guys and gals,

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