Bret Jordan jordan@coe.utah.edu
Mon Jan 8 10:48:00 GMT 2001

I am still having problems getting sftp-server to work right.  I am running 
NT4.0 with sp6a. And I just performed (5 minutes ago) an Internet install 
of the latest cygwin.dll, bash, and openssh.  I have ssh.com's client 
version  2.3.

When ever I try to use /home/jordan in my passwd file sftp dies.  If I try 
and use / it works, but I can not see any of the files/directories.  If I 
then try to change directory to /home/jordan it dies.  In fact if I try to 
change directories to anything it dies.  When using / as my home directory 
I can upload files and make directories (even though I can not see them in 
the sftp client window), they are there in the file system.

Passwd file:

Port                    22
ListenAddress           X.X.X.X
Protocol                2
HostDSAKey              /etc/sshd_host_dsa_key

AllowUsers              jordan

PasswordAuthentication  yes
PermitEmptyPasswords    no

KeepAlive               no
PrintMotd               no
CheckMail               no

IgnoreRhosts            yes
IgnoreUserKnownHosts    yes
RhostsAuthentication    no
RhostsRSAAuthentication no

Subsystem               sftp    /usr/sbin/sftp-server
MaxStartups 10:30:60

Error code from sshd d when I try to use /home/jordan in passwd file.
subsystem request for sftp
debug1: subsystem: exec() /usr/sbin/sftp-server
debug1: fd 10 setting O_NONBLOCK
debug1: fd 10 IS O_NONBLOCK
debug1: Received SIGCHLD.
debug1: session_by_pid: pid 200
debug1: session_exit_message: session 1 channel 1 pid 200
debug1: session_exit_message: release channel 1
debug1: channel 1: write failed
debug1: channel 1: output open -> closed
debug1: channel 1: close_write
debug1: channel 1: read failed
debug1: channel 1: input open -> drain
debug1: channel 1: close_read
debug1: channel 1: input: no drain shortcut
debug1: channel 1: ibuf empty
debug1: channel 1: input drain -> closed
debug1: channel 1: send eof
debug1: session_free: session 1 pid 200
debug1: channel 1: read<=0 rfd 10 len -1
debug1: channel 1: read failed
error: channel 1: internal error: we do not read, but chan_read_failed for 
e 8
debug1: channel 1: send close
debug1: channel 1: rcvd close
debug1: channel 1: full closed2
debug1: channel_free: channel 1: status: The following connections are open:
   #0 server-session (t4 r0 i1/0 o16/0 fd 7/3)
   #1 server-session (t4 r1 i8/0 o128/0 fd 10/10)

Thanks in advance,


Bret Jordan                       Dean's Office
LAN Manager              College of Engineering
801.585.3765                 University of Utah

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