perl-5.6.1 DB_file support

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jan 8 07:39:00 GMT 2001

Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
> Hi Earnie,
> Earnie Boyd <> writes:
> > Well, I'm perplexed that it MAX_PATH and _MAX_PATH isn't set in the
> > Cygwin headers already somewhere.
> Why should it?

For porting idiosyncrasy.

> ISO C has FILENAME_MAX in <stdio.h>, which is set to 1024 in my
> version of Cygwin.  

Well, it appears you've located a different problem.  1024 is too large.

> POSIX has PATH_MAX in <limits.h> which is set to
> 259 here.  And than there is pathconf() in <unistd.h> for the real
> POSIX fans.

Yea, I found that and later corrected myself to say the change should be
to limits.h.  The change could do the POSIX compliance check and not
define them for POSIX only code.

> MAX_PATH OTOH seems to be an MS Windows invention and is not in any
> standard, or is it?

Well, it is a MS Windows standard.  And if _WIN32 is defined shouldn't I
expect to find a Win32 standard definition such as MAX_PATH and
_MAX_PATH defined?  Even Cygwin itself uses MAX_PATH, E.G.:


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