perl-5.6.1 DB_file support

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jan 8 05:47:00 GMT 2001

"Charles S. Wilson" wrote:
> Reini Urban wrote:
> > However, something new:
> > A minor required db-3.2.3f patch for cygwin
> >
> > --- db-3.2.3f/os/os_tmpdir.c.orig       Tue Jul  4 21:30:16 2000
> > +++ db-3.2.3f/os/os_tmpdir.c    Sun Jan  7 21:58:30 2001
> > @@ -96,6 +96,9 @@
> >         }
> >  #endif
> >  #ifdef _WIN32
> > +# ifndef _MAX_PATH
> > +#  define _MAX_PATH 260
> > +# endif
> >         /* Get the path to the temporary directory. */
> >         {int len;
> >          char temp[_MAX_PATH + 1];
> AARRGHH.  No no no.  Cygwin is not WIN32.  While some packages, when
> ported to cygwin, do rely on code within #ifdef _WIN32 blocks, this is a
> mistake.  If you want to use code for WIN32 and for cygwin, then do:

Well, I'm perplexed that it MAX_PATH and _MAX_PATH isn't set in the
Cygwin headers already somewhere.  I find MAX_PATH in mingw/stdlib.h and
w32api/windef.h.  I find _MAX_PATH defined in mingw/stdlib.h as the
value of MAX_PATH.

> #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
> To accommodate *bad* ports, cygwin's gcc used to define _WIN32, but that
> behavior will be dropped soon IIRC.

Where did you get that piece of information or are you dreaming? 
Although I would wholeheartedly support such a move, I don't think that
the Cygwin's commercial client list would be that happy about such a

> Also, IMO, burying a constant
> definition like that in the middle of a .c is just poor programming.
> Put it in a header file somewhere, at the very least.  Best, find out
> where the appropriate cygwin MAXPATH constant is defined in cygwin's
> system headers and #include the appropriate .h.

I agree.  But, a caution here is in order, don't include the
mingw/stdlib.h for a Cygwin program, they are only for use by the
-mno-cygwin switch.  IMO, we need to add MAX_PATH and _MAX_PATH to
stdlib.h of Cygwin which requires a Newlib patch.


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