Soren Andersen
Mon Jan 8 05:37:00 GMT 2001

On 7 Jan 2001, an entity purporting to be Christopher Faylor
[Christopher Faylor <>] wrote [regarding Re: dev/null]

>>  But manually, I just use 'nul'.

> /dev/null in cygwin eventually translates to the Windows NUL device.

I figured.

> There is no reason to use 'NUL' rather than '/dev/null' since they are
> both the same thing ... unless you enjoy using MS-DOS constructs rather than
> UNIX ones.  That's sort of anti-Cygwin, though.

NO! NO! I am not anti-Cygwin ;-). I LUV Cygwin.

As a background general-knowledge sort of thing, I think its good to know 
this. Allegory ... if you were stranded on a desert island with no way to buy 
tiolet paper, would it be good to know how to make plant leaves very soft .. 
? Someone might someday be working out a problem without Cygwin 
around. I don't WISH it on them, but it could happen.


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