AW: AW: Using German Umlauts with bash

Gerrit P. Haase
Mon Jan 8 05:13:00 GMT 2001

<Den 8 Jan 2001, 12:59 Uhr, hat Benjamin Riefenstahl geschrieben:>
< Re: AW: AW: Using German Umlauts wi >

Hi Benny,

> > Anybody out there who´s 4.0 ls succeds for displaying german (or any
> > other country) special umlauts like ÄÖÜäöüß?  If yes, which settings
> > in .bashrc, .inputrc, font or codepage are used?
> Just FYI, I see the same problem that you see.  Changing the codepage
> does not seem to have any effect.

we got a solution, see:
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