Lost Screen, Prompt, & Win Program Menu Choices

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Sun Jan 7 19:38:00 GMT 2001

At 07:27 PM 1/7/2001, Nordques001@mail1.gannon.edu wrote:
>Yesterday I installed Cygwin & somehow it interfered with a 
>separate installation of Octave for Windows (with its own Cygwin) 
>on the same drive.  All is well again, except that my startup screen 
>for Cygwin has a bash prompt rather than a prompt with 
>Administrator in it (as I recall.)  The previous screen had color and 
>looked better.  I wonder how to get it back.  

What you recall is not necessarily the default for the Cygwin install.
The cygwin.bat file, which is what you're running, runs the Windows DOS
prompt and uses the defaults (colors, fonts, etc) for this.  If you saw
something else previously here its because you made some changes in this
regard.  I can't tell you why don't see these changes now.

>I also note that when I go to the start button in Windows and click 
>on Cygnus Solutions there is only one alternative -- bash prompt.  I 
>think there used to be three or four.  

Maybe not.

>I tried to run setup again to add whatever was missing, but I got a 
>message saying there was nothing (more) to install.

Very good.  Looks like you're done!;-)

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