CMD.exe for Win9x and other goodies

Soren Andersen
Sat Jan 6 11:30:00 GMT 2001

Speaking of brain-damaged shells (my other recent posting), Charles Wilson 
who maintains the CygUtils site has had a link to a download of a cmd.exe 
for Win9x, for some time. I have nailed the network location (URL) of the 
latest Microsoft version of the Platform SDK .cab file containing 
Win95Cmd.exe. This might be interest to Charles, and to those stuck on 
Win9x who found, as I did, that although WAY better than nothing, that 
cmd.exe was pretty crash-prone, buggy. Maybe a later version would be 
better, is my thinking. The Platform SDK in question is the so-called 
"Whistler beta," Oct 2000 release.

The same .cab file also contains many other executables such as 
CabArc.exe, the MS .cab file extraction tool.

     soren andersen

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