Porting Cygwin

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Sat Jan 6 10:42:00 GMT 2001

On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 01:03:32PM -0500, David Feustel wrote:
>> >WinCE 2.11 has a console window.  I am using it in my ports of Teco and
>> >Snobol4 to my Jornada 820.  Teco is essentially done.  Snobol4 runs but
>> >needs work.  I have a Windows 2000 version running from essentially the
>> >same codebase which is helping me figure out what should be happening
>> >with Snobol on my Jornada.
>> That may be but I'm pretty certain that actual console I/O is not supported
>> by WinCE, e.g., AFAIK, you can't open CONIN$.
>stdin, stdout and std error are supported. printf() works. File i/o works.
>getch() (used by teco) is not implemented but I have a work around.

Again, I would be very surprised if any of the console API worked.

>> Besides the console operations, there are also other primitives that are
>> missing in Windows CE which Cygwin relies on.
>I'm not shy about stubbing stuff out, breakpointing the routines so that I
>know if they get called and then adding (equivalent) functionality as necessary.
>Of course, the better the os support, the less of this is needed.

Ok.  I give up.  Have fun.  If you are using a 2.11 version of Windows
CE, I know that there will be some real challenges.

>> Then, of course, there is the amount of memory that Cygwin will use.  Memory
>> is precious on hand helds.  Even if you got cygwin ported, I'm not sure how
>> much additional memory would be available for the application.
>My 820 has 32 meg ram and (right now) 32 meg compact flash. Enough to
>run programs but not any where near enough for a toolchain. On the other hand,
>if it were possible to get the toolchain ported, a 1GB IBM microdrive is only
>$500. I also have ethernet download so big programs are not a problem.
>Phil Budne's CSnobol4 is 450 KB (with symbol table). Takes 10 sec max..

I'm talking about RAM not storage.

>> Btw, I neglected to respond to this:
>> >>>>Now, am I correct in my assumption that porting the cygwin dll to WinCE
>> >>>>will let me compile, GCC source and the link/run it using the EVT c
>> >>>>compiler with not a whole lot of editing?
>> I don't know what EVT c might be, but building Cygwin requires a recent
>> gcc compiler.  It's possible that you can use another compiler/linker to
>> use cygwin header files and libraries for building an application but
>> I wouldn't be surprised if there are problems there too.
>EVT is Visual Studio 6 customized to generate c/c++/asm code for all
>versions of WinCE from 2.01 on and for all hardware that WinCE runs on
>(SH3, MIPS, (Strong)Arm, x86, PPC).  The biggest problem I have run
>into so far re C++ stdio is that It does not support Try-Throw-Catch
>and hence the standard C++ library is not compilable/usable on the
>WinCE platform.
>I also bought 4 books by Stallman on porting GCC since I am a complete
>newbie wrt GCC, GDB, etc although I have a lot of experience with Unix
>commandline utilities.

You can't mix c++ between MSVC and gcc, unfortunately.


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