Drive with cygwin moved from "E:" to "D:", how to fix?

David M. Karr
Fri Jan 5 14:04:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) <> writes:
  Larry> At 04:38 PM 1/5/2001, David M. Karr wrote:
  >> >>>>> "DJ" == DJ Delorie <> writes:
  >> >> causes some odd symptoms, although many things still work.  What is
  >> >> the easiest way to reset Cygwin to know it's installed on drive "D:"?
  DJ> Just remount all the E: mounts to be D:, either with umount/mount or
  DJ> with mount -f
  >> Ok, after fiddling with this for a while, I finally got his new mount
  >> table to look the same, except the "e:"s changed to "d:".  That looks
  >> correct.
  >> I see two odd symptoms on this new PC, however, which are probably
  >> related.  On my PC, when I do "ls /usr", it gives me a valid listing
  >> of what's in "d:/cygwin/usr".  On his PC, when I do "ls /usr", it says
  >> "No such file or directory".  When I list "/usr/bin" on my PC, it also
  >> lists fine.  When I list "/usr/bin" on his PC, it mostly is fine,
  >> except it says "ls: ..: No such file or directory".  What could be the
  >> cause of this?

  Larry> Hard to tell.  Permissions?  cygcheck -s -r -v might help...

Ah.  I figured it out.  You probably would have seen it if I had
included the new mount table, which wasn't EXACTLY correct.  The mount
for "/" should have been "d:\cygwin", but I had it as "d:\".  Once I
redid that mount, I got "/usr" back.

Thanks again.

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