#includes not being processed across network (revised)

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Fri Jan 5 08:26:00 GMT 2001

Thanks Markus, this information is quite helpful.  Since there isn't an issue 
with Samba, the Win32 APIs being used in Cygwin are clearly sufficient to 
provide the information required (i.e. file sizes in this case) in a network 
environment in general.  However, in this particular case in this particular 
network environment, there may be an issue.  I would guess that there is 
either a problem with permissions (which John has stated that he's looked at 
before) or there is some other Win32 API that provides the file size even with 
John's setup (which the DOS tools use and Cygwin does not).  What is clear to
me by all this is that the quickest way to resolve this issue is to debug the
code, for better or worse...


At 11:11 AM 1/5/2001, Markus Hoenicka wrote:
>File sizes are reported ok here for a Samba network drive, regardless
>of whether I cd to /cygdrive/o and then ls -al or whether I mount the
>remote drive and then run ls -al. This does not seem to be a CygWin
>Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) writes:
>  > Hm, interesting and a good catch.  My guess is that there is some information
>  > that comes across differently in your network case at least.  Can anyone 
>  > verify that this is an issue for a typical Samba case for example?  It would
>  > be interesting to know if this is a general network problem with Cygwin or 
>  > if it is configuration specific.
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