First Cygwin Installation

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Thu Jan 4 14:14:00 GMT 2001

At 04:52 PM 1/4/2001, David M. Karr wrote:
>   Larry> endings - there's lots of good alternatives here).  Every other Windows 
>   Larry> program I've used can read UNIX line endings just fine, because the underlying 
>   Larry> Win32 API call for accessing files supports reading newline-only line endings. 
>   Larry> I'm sure there are some other utility programs out there that still trip over 
>   Larry> UNIX line endings too but in general, this is pretty rare.
>Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the public domain Korn shell is
>another application that can't deal with Unix line endings.  For some
>people, this is more likely to be an issue than notepad or vc++.

Right.  It depends on the utilities you use, how old they are, and whether
they make use of the Win32 API for opening text files or not.  There are 
some utilities out there which are poorly ported to Windows.  Other than
utilities like these and the utilities I mentioned which are part of the
utilities that come with Windows (or its development environment), every
other Windows program that I've seen can read a text file with UNIX line 
endings, even edlin!;-)  (Yuck, who wants that!;-))  However, if you're 
concerned about some obscure program you know you need to interact with 
files created and manipulated with Cywgin tools, pick "DOS" files at Cygwin 
install time.  If you don't have reason to fear some utility you're using 
won't work with Cygwin created/manipulated files, stick with the defaults.  
Defaults exist because they generally give the best results for the majority. 

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