First Cygwin Installation

David M. Karr
Thu Jan 4 13:55:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) <> writes:
  Larry> At 04:19 PM 1/4/2001, David M. Karr wrote:
  >> >>>>> "DJ" == DJ Delorie <> writes:
  >> >> Will any version work as a first time install or
  >> >> do I have to have something else ??
  DJ> For a first-time install, go to and click on the
  DJ> "Install Cygwin Now" icon.  The only choices you should have to make
  DJ> are (0) that you want to install from the internet, (1) where to
  DJ> install it on your machine, and (2) whether to use IE5, a direct
  DJ> connection, or a proxy to access the internet.
  >> Note that the "Default text file type" might be important, depending
  >> on what you're using this for.  It will default to "Unix", as opposed
  >> to "DOS".  If you have non-cygwin programs that expect DOS line
  >> endings, and they might be reading files you would create while using
  >> Cygwin, then they might not work properly if you set it to "Unix".
  >> Just make sure you understand the choice.

  Larry> An example list of applications that have some trouble reading files with
  Larry> only UNIX line endings (newline only) include notepad, just about any old
  Larry> DOS (and I mean DOS, not Windows) program, and VC++ if the file in question 
  Larry> will also be edited by the class wizard.  With the exception of the VC++ 
  Larry> issue, which is rather obscure, there's a solution to each of the other 
  Larry> problems (i.e. replace them with programs that understand UNIX style line 
  Larry> endings - there's lots of good alternatives here).  Every other Windows 
  Larry> program I've used can read UNIX line endings just fine, because the underlying 
  Larry> Win32 API call for accessing files supports reading newline-only line endings. 
  Larry> I'm sure there are some other utility programs out there that still trip over 
  Larry> UNIX line endings too but in general, this is pretty rare.

Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the public domain Korn shell is
another application that can't deal with Unix line endings.  For some
people, this is more likely to be an issue than notepad or vc++.

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