CloseSocket() problem

David McNab
Wed Jan 3 20:55:00 GMT 2001

Hi Corinna,

On searching through Cygwin mail archives, I note that you've had problems
with closing down sockets in child processes.

I have experienced the same thing. I'm presently working on testing the
Win32 Cygwin port of another developer's proxy server program (called
WWWOFFLE, see ).

On re-compiling the program with the cygwin v1.1.7.1 dll, I noticed
Microsoft Internet Explorer complaining that the server connections had been

I have added code to the applicable child process which fcntl()'s the client
socket to blocking mode, then writes a byte of data. This is an attempt to
ensure that all data send()'ed to Internet Explorer has actually been sent
prior to the CloseSocket(). This hack seems to improve things dramatically,
but the problem still shows when sending larger volumes of data back to
Internet Explorer.

Can you please advise on the status of this CloseSocket() problem, and
1) Any suggestions for a workaround, and/or
2) Whether there are any interim fixes available

Kindest thanks in advance
David McNab

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