why not use root as root?

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit.haase@t-online.de
Mon Jan 1 17:25:00 GMT 2001

<2 Jan 2001, 10:57 Uhr wars, als Robert Collins folgendes schrub:>
< Re: why not use root as root? >

Hi Rob,

> Are you saying the FAQ entry is wrong or misleading or hard to understand?

No, not that it is wrong, not misleading, but for me it is hard to 
understand, first, i'm german and my english is not that good as yours,
second, i got two hdd's with 40GB, there are five partitions, i use now one 
complete drive (partition) only for cygwin. It is not my system-drive, so i 
expect no trouble.

On windows, AFAIK, most applications could be installed were you want it.

VC++ e.g. is in c:\programme\visual studio\blah\bin
BC++ e.g. is in c:\bc5\bin
perl is in c:\perl\bin, pyhton is in c:\python\bin
and so on.

> I think it is accurate and the suggestion should be made as it is.
> I do not think it is misleading.

I thought that maybe there are problems with cygwins functionality and if 
so it should be explained in which form.

In another listmail these days i read, that dejagnu is only working if 
cygwin is installed in root of a drive, but i don't understand why, for me 
dejagnu is not working either, though i installed in root.

> Perhaps it could be clearer as to the reasons for the recommendation - do
> you have some suggested text to put there? (As I wasn't confused by it I am
> stumped with respect to understanding the confusion).
> Rob

I suggest, a hint, that it is no problem to install cygwin on the root, if 
cygwin got its own drive or s.th. like this would be nice.

At last i thought, if it would not work with cygwin on root, then the 
setup.exe would not allow to install in root:-)
Gerrit Peter Haase
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