rlogin, SIGWINCH and TIOCPKT_WINDOW with Solaris server

Anthony & Yinkwan hips@mindspring.com
Mon Jan 1 11:51:00 GMT 2001

Further investigation, based on the Cygwin source, Stevens' book and
truss'ing the Solaris rlogin client, leads me to believe that the
rlogind should be using the MSG_OOB flag to send the TIOCPKT_WINDOW
control byte to the client ... the child process on the client-side
should receive a SIGURG signal from the system prompting it to do the
out-of-band processing that results in a SIGUSR1 being sent to the
parent process on the client-side which initiates the window change management.

I'm certain that the Cygwin rlogin client is not receiving a SIGURG from
which you can deduce that it's either not being initiated at the server
side, or not being generated by the client system.

When I truss the Solaris rlogin client I get the following interesting
stuff :

554:  getpid()             = 554 [550]
554:  ioctl(4, FIOSETOWN, 0xEFFFFA84)        = 0
554:  kill(554, SIGURG)          = 0
554:      Received signal #21, SIGURG [caught]
554:        siginfo: SIGURG pid=554 uid=0
554:  poll(0xEFFFC5C0, 1, 0)           = 1
554:  ioctl(4, 0x40047307, 0xEFFFF630)    = 0
554:  recv(4, "80", 1, 1)           = 1
554:  kill(550, SIGUSR1)            = 0
550:      Received signal #16, SIGUSR1, in read() [caught]
550:        siginfo: SIGUSR1 pid=554 uid=0
554:  setcontext(0xEFFFF780)
550:  read(0, 0xEFFFFAAF, 1)           Err#4 EINTR

... unless I'm reading things incorrectly, this indicates that the
client-side child process sends a SIGURG to itself (3rd line) !

I added the kill to the Cygwin code as follows :

SN8981335729 # diff rlogin.c rlogin.c.orig
<       kill(getpid(),SIGURG);

... et voila, things work ! ... is it a hack, or does it make sense ?


Anthony & Yinkwan wrote:
> Hmmm ... I'm running the Cygwin rlogin client in an xterm and logging
> into a remote Solaris 2.6 server ... I would dearly like even the
> initial window size to be properly propagated to the remote server, not
> to mention subsequent changes to the xterm window size, but it seems
> that the expected TIOCPKT_WINDOW indicator is not being sent by the
> server when the session is established ... does anyone have any idea why ?
> By the way, if I manually send a SIGUSR1 signal to the parent process,
> or a SIGURG to the client everything works ... I think it looks like a
> Solaris server-side issue !
> I'm off to celebrate New Year now, so I suspect I'll have to wait for
> next year for an answer on this !
> Thanks,
> Anthony.
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