Distributed Perl 5.6.1 bug report.

Eric Fifer egf7@columbia.edu
Mon Jan 1 04:34:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:
>    Do the perl 5.6.1 tests include inplace edit testing?
>I ask because the perl >available for download via 'Cygwin Setup' is
>deleting files when using inplace edits, rather than editing the file.

To do inplace editing you will need to provide a backup
extension (-i.orig).  Apparently none of the tests check
inplace editing with a null backup extension.  You found
a bug with the Perl Cygwin port and I will fix it, but
the end result will be this error message:

	Can't do inplace edit without backup

Also, just so you know what is going on.  The Perl code
is taking advantage of the Unix feature where you can
unlink an open file and the file disappears from the
file system.  With Cygwin this didn't really work as
expected and it ended up clobbering your file.  The
"Permission Denied" message doesn't have anything to
do with your permissions, but is the error you get
when you stat() a file that has been deleted but is
still open.

Hope this helps.

Eric Fifer

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