Egor Duda
Thu Nov 30 22:46:00 GMT 2000


Thursday, 30 November, 2000 Charles S. Wilson wrote:

CSW> Anyway, it appears to me that Larry pointed you in the appropriate
CSW> direction (even though he didn't personally KNOW the answer) so that you
CSW> could at least get SOME help from the list instead of NONE.

CSW> (My advice would have been to look at the files in /etc/setup/:

CSW> cd /etc/setup
CSW> for $fn in *.list.gz ; do
CSW> echo $fn : `zcat $fn | grep "netdb.h"`
CSW> done

Btw,    what    do    you    all   cygwin packages maintainers   think
about  automatically  generated  list  of  contents of all archives in
latest/ ? This would:

1.  help  guys  like Gerrit who will not be obliged to pull all cygwin
distro. (isn't this what we've abandoned old monolitic full.exe for?)
2.   help  preventing  occasional  duplicates in different packages --
just run "cat filelist | sort | uniq -i -u" and see if anything wrong.

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