make verilog-20001119 in Cygwin-b20

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Tue Nov 28 08:07:00 GMT 2000

At 03:10 AM 11/28/2000, wrote:
>I am a jackeroo of Cygwin. The following error occur when I make verilog-20001119 in Cygwin-b20.
>gperf -o -i 7 -C -k 1-3,$ -L ANSI-C -H keyword_hash -N check_identifier -t lexor_keyword.gperf > || (rm -f ; false)
>gperf: not found
>make: *** [] Error 1
>Where can I find gperf ?
>Please Help me.
>zhang tao

1.1.6 is that latest release of Cygwin.  B20 is as old as the hills!;-)
I'd recommend updating if you want to be able to get any reasonable responses
to queries in general from this list.

As far as gperf is concerned, I don't know of any version available but a
search of the mail list archives or a poke around the Cygwin site might 
stir something up.

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