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Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Mon Nov 27 11:55:00 GMT 2000

At 02:42 PM 11/27/2000, Kirschner, Paul E.        UTRC wrote:

>I want to make cygwin 1.1.4 accessible from a number of computers without
>doing a local install on each one. This will save tremendous time and disk
>space. I just need to access some of the utilities (perl, rsh) and compilers
>(gcc, g77) from a DOS window. I DO NOT NEED the added layer of "logging
>into" a UNIX-like environment. (In fact my use will be through a Win95
>application that can start batch files and cannot log in.) While DJGPP works
>in a DOS window that way through djgpp.env, I need the cygwin compiler and
>other utilities. 
>I tried just adding the proper paths in a DOS window but the compiler
>complains about C header files and crt0. 
>Is there an easy way to set this up?
>Paul Kirschner                            #include <disclaimer.std>
>Networks Department
>United Technologies Research Center

You need to mount some directories:

   mount -b //remote/share/cygwin/dir/usr/bin /usr/bin
   mount -b //remote/share/cygwin/dir/usr/lib /usr/lib
   mount -b //remote/share/cygwin/dir /

Actually, just the last one should be sufficient but I believe setup.exe
mounts these three.

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