cygwin and terminal emulators

Erdely, Michael
Sat Nov 25 16:36:00 GMT 2000

What operating system are you using?  What screen resolution?

The size of my BASH window is about 80 (wide) by 55 (high).
WinNT/Win2K: Open the BASH prompt using one of the icons installed (or one
you created).  Click on the Cygwin icon in the upper left corner and click
Properties.  Go to Layout.  Enter the number of width & height of the
window.  When you click OK, tell it to modify the icon that launched the
program.  Then either copy that icon over your other icons or do the same
for each icon.


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On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Erdely, Michael wrote:

> Getting this to work is the easy part!
> Understanding why....
> What does "compensate for the loss of size" mean?

I mean I would like to make use of a full screen terminal
(i.e. COLUMNS>80?, LINES>24?).



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