Problem with pthread
Thu Nov 23 04:38:00 GMT 2000

I have problem when I try to work with pthread.h
I read the pthread.h library and pthread.c. I saw that the threads once
they are not liberated of the list "threadlist" used.
I saw that the function pthread_create() call to
MTinterface->CreateThread(), and this last one in turn to FindNextUnused().

OK, the problem is that as the thread number that I want to create it is
finite, and as a thread of the list "threadlist" is never liberated, then
when the quantity of thread created arrives to the maximum number of
allowed it leaves the following error:

      0 [main] ssEricsson 1624 MTinterface::CreateThread: thread creation
    231 [main] ssEricsson 1624 handle_exceptions: Exception:
   2681 [main] ssEricsson 1624 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to

I have this problem only under WindowsNT, but no under Unix or Linux.
It will be that the problem is not the bad definition of the function
pthread_attr_destroy() that the only thing that makes is a "return 0;" ?. I

tried with the function pthread_kill() too, but I don't resolve my problem.

I believe this function should liberate the thread of the list "threadlist"

so when calling to the function FindNextUnused(), it can return as


Willy Inchaustti

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