NT5 - login incorrect

Warren Togami warren@togami.com
Thu Nov 23 02:53:00 GMT 2000

Hi.  I'm a new user of Cygwin.  I just spent 10 hours over the past 2 days
trying to get any login method (login.exe, inetd or sshd) to work without
any success.  I have some background with various Linux and Solaris boxes so
I hope I am not a complete newbie.  I'm running Windows 2000 Advanced Server
running as a PDC.  login.exe, telnet and ssh attempts always fail with Login

Without ntsec enabled "passwd" seems to modify my NT passwords.  Is this

I went through the user's guide and FAQ 15 times to be sure I didn't miss
anything.  I tried the ntsec, U-DOMAIN\USER, mkpasswd -d (and -l) and just
about everything mentioned in those two files.  After installing perl in
order to compile openssh, the same problem occured.  I was a little confused
by some of the posts regarding access rights needed by a login daemon.
Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.  Some of the mailing
list messages suggested that a remote login daemon like sshd or inetd will
need access to create processes under any user name, and in order to do so
they must be run by something like LocalSystem.  Even the "Administrator"
account normally doesn't have access to this.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out how to run sshd as a NT service in order to
run it as LocalSystem.  Google searches brought up references to svcinst.exe
and svrany.exe, but I was unable to figure out how to extract them from the
SMS package on the CD.

I'd like to get ssh logins integrated into the NT authentication, but if
necessary I would happily use an independent /etc/passwd if possible.  Would
the latter be under ntea?  How do I force passwd to update /etc/passwd
instead of NT?  Likewise with login, sshd and inetd?

I'll probably be chastised with cries of 'RTFM', but I think that I tried a
bit too hard at this.  Two of my friends running Cygwin (one Win9x and one
Win2k Pro) are completey perplexed by these problems.  What am I missing

Warren Togami

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