HOWTO setup ftpd and telnetd

Michael Bresnahan
Wed Nov 22 14:38:00 GMT 2000

"Erdely, Michael" wrote:

> A few notes:
> /bin/iu-config will create the ftpusers, ftpwelcome, inetd.conf, motd and
> shells file.  You can edit them to comment out services, shells, . . . that
> you don't want.

Ah ha, the missing link!  I wish I would have known about /bin/iu-config a long
time ago.  Hopefully this bit of information will make it into the readme.

Have you had luck getting server-side of CVS working with inetd?

I don't have a /etc/services.  Do you know where the port numbers for ftp,
telnet, etc. are kept?

Thanks for the tip!

Mike Bresnahan

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