I get up one problem using pthread...

hugo.diaz@lothar.com.py hugo.diaz@lothar.com.py
Wed Nov 22 11:01:00 GMT 2000

Sorry, but I get up one problem using pthread in CYGWIN on NT Server,
after 128 thread launched successfully the application falls with the
following message

 0 [main] ssEricsson 1624 MTinterface::CreateThread: thread creation failed
    231 [main] ssEricsson 1624 handle_exceptions: Exception:
   2681 [main] ssEricsson 1624 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to

This is a simple C file compiled with "gcc -Wall -O2 simple.c -o simple"
(See attached file: simple.c)

Someone can help me...
Thank a lop.

                    HUGO A. DIAZ P.
          Professional Services Director
          Lothar System S.A.
          e-mail: hugo.diaz@lothar.com.py
          tel. +595 981 407441
          fax. +595 21 6189190

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