How to run javac

Fred Kulack
Tue Nov 21 10:09:00 GMT 2000

> Larry, nailed problem #1, javac is itself a java program, and java
> grok cygwin paths (unfortunately) so you need to either pass it a dos
> it will understand, or a basic unix path it will understand. I'll
> you from attempting the second, as it would go against the generally
> rule of not putting cygwin' root directory in your dos root ( i.e. / ==
c:\ ).
> This leaves the best option as passing java a path it will understand.
> this:
> javac -d . `cygpath -w /cygdrive/c/abc/`

Actually, I tend to recommend and always do install cygwin in
the root directory. It gives the most natural unix like environment.

There's nothing special about the root directory, you just have to be
sure you don't delete the couple of files that cygwin puts there.

Wondering how many others do this?

Also, after this: javac /this/is/*.java works fine.

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