Puzzled by Cygwin Download and Installation

Norman Vine nhv@cape.com
Sun Nov 19 08:40:00 GMT 2000

jamesekeenan writes:
>Thanks for responding.  But I must I'm still puzzled.  If I 
>delete Cygwin B20 and its directory structure, what in the 
>downloading of the various utilities builds a new structure 
>and imposes a new installation?  Another way of putting this 
>question:  What does the work formerly done by "full.exe" or 

See the faq  -- specifically

"There is one recommended way to install Cygwin,
which is to use the GUI installer `setup.exe'. 
There are some variations on how you go about that. 

Do it any other way, and you're on your own!"
< /quote>

FWIW IMHO the 'new' method is VASTLY SUPERIOR !

Many Thanks to all that have helped make it !!


Norman VIne

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