Puzzled by Cygwin Download and Installation

Tim Prince tprince@computer.org
Sat Nov 18 14:24:00 GMT 2000

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Subject: Puzzled by Cygwin Download and Installation

> I downloaded cygwin-b20.2 in February 2000.  Since I wasn't using the
> shell much in the intervening months, I didn't download any subsequent
> updates, though I did save all the announcements.
> This was the first time I had run the new GUI version of setup.  However,
> did not appear to be downloading "the whole cygwin net release again."
> Rather, a list of utilities came up for downloading

Just OK the list and let it do it all for you.

> Questions:
> 1.  Should I just remove all my Cygwin and start from scratch?
Yes, since the directory structures are much changed, and your old stuff
will be wasting space, or even possibly causing .dll conflicts.
> Thanks.

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