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Jeffrey Juliano juliano@cs.unc.edu
Fri Nov 17 23:14:00 GMT 2000

On Oct 31, 2000 4:17 PM -0500 szeil@notesmail.cs.odu.edu wrote:

> For NTEmacs, get Michael Cook's cygwin32-mount.el (I keep a copy available
> for my students' at
> http://www.cs.odu.edu/~zeil/software/cygwin32-mount.el ), put it in the

This is old.  Check gnu.emacs.sources for an updated version I posted this 
summer.  Also avail at


I can't vouch for bug-less-ness, but other people also made changes between 
my changes and the version you keep.

(can you even parse that sentence?  I really need sleep.)

I fixed another bug and improved regexps this week; my latest copy will 
appear on my web page soon.


;;; cygwin32-mount.el --- Teach EMACS about cygwin32 mount points.
;;; Michael Cook <mcook@cognex.com>.
;;; modified Jun 18 1998 by Keisuke Mori <ksk@ntts.com>
;;;  to make it work with ange-ftp and enable mapping a drive letter
;;; modified Oct 25 1999 by Drew Moseley (drewmoseley@mindspring.com)
;;;  to support /cygdrive style drive maps and for better coexistence
;;;  with ange-ftp.
;;; modified Feb  7 2000 by James Ganong (jeg@bigseal.ucsc.edu)
;;;  to work when / is mounted in a subdirectory instead of top level of a
;;;  drive, and to check longest directory names first, to a / mount does
;;;  not shadow.
;;; modified Mar 23 2000 by Jeff Juliano <juliano@cs.unc.edu>
;;;  to make a user-callable function that performs the mapping.  I use
;;;  this in my .emacs file to find my non-version-specific site-lisp
;;;  directory since NTemacs doesn't have one in its search path.
;;; modified July 2000 by Jeff Juliano <juliano@cs.unc.edu>
;;;  ps-print to //machine/printer-name was broken.  cygwin-mount would
;;;  intercept and try to convert the name to a local path, even though one
;;;  doesn't exist.  Also, don't do mount table lookup as early as used to.
;;;  warning: this isn't extensively tested, and may not be correct.

--- my latest change fixes an outstanding bug related to my last mod

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