cross compiling TO cygwin

Peter Miller
Thu Nov 16 14:03:00 GMT 2000

Dear Sir,

I routinely work in Linux (my machine doesn't even have a DOS
partition), however I am often asked for windows executables (.e.g.
for my SRecord

I am unable to find documentation for how to build a Linux cross
compiler tool chain which will produce executables to be run on
NT.  Ideally, I would like my Linux build to produce a .zip file
which contains all of the .exe files and the Cygwin dll.

Is there an "ancient" document of how to build Cygwin prior to
B17.1?  Maybe this is all I need to know.

>From my perspective, the absence of crosss compilation documentation
is a serious flaw in an otherwise brilliant product.

Peter Miller								/\/\*

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