Error: Initializing USER32.dll

Scott Wallace
Thu Nov 16 13:46:00 GMT 2000

>1) do the users in question have different levels of rights? (i.e. some are
>admins and some are not)

I've tried putting the user in the administrator's group, but still same

>2) One thing that may be different about the users might be their local or
>roaming profiles.

All profiles are local.  I don't know of anything that could be out of the

>Could it be that the new users are inheriting something
>from the Default User profile that's causing a problem?

Nothing special has been put into the Default User profile that I know of.

>Or there's something in the RUN key of HKCU?

Nothing there.

>3) What version of Exceed is this?  If i remember correctly, it's possible
>to turn on some limited logging for the HCL Inetd daemon that controls
>telnet, and that might reveal something.

The version is Exceed
I'll have to look into how to turn on the logging.

>4) What service pack of NT 4.0 are you running?


>5) what is your CYGWIN environment variable set to?

When I do "set", I don't see a CYGWIN environment variable set anywhere.
Does it need to be set as a Windows environment variable for the user?

Thanks a lot!
Scott Wallace

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