ntsec problem with win2k

Patrick Hess phess@infogen.ws
Thu Nov 16 05:16:00 GMT 2000

Hello cygwin,

        I couldn't find where this was covered in the FAQ, nor could I
        find it in the mailing list archives, so I'm gonna ask here.  I have a
        machine running Win2k Professional (upgraded from Win95), and I
        have just installed Cygwin-1.15 onto an NTFS partition.  The problem
        I am currently having is that NTSec is not working (or so I believe).

        My $CYGWIN (in cygwin.bat) is set to "tty notitle ntsec
        strace=0x1 binmode".  However, when I execute
        /usr/bin/login.exe and enter the correct password for my
        account, I get a log entry and the "Login incorrect" response.
        The passwd file was correctly made with "mkpasswd -l >
        /etc/passwd" and the group file seems to have been made
        correctly as well.

        Can someone lend me a little guidance?  Thanks for any help.

Best regards,
 Patrick                          mailto:phess@best.co

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